Anti Hair Loss Medicines

Offered range of Anti Hair Loss Medicines is accessible in capsule and tablet forms. These medicines are prescribed to treat androgenetic alopecia. Offered in 0.5mg quantity, single packet of these drugs contains 20 capsules or tablets. Advanced formulation of these drugs inhibits transformation of testosterone hormone to dihydrotestosterone which is responsible for hair loss. Content of these drugs prevents DHT production in hair follicles so that hair strands grow normally. These medicines can be taken with or without food. Offered Anti Hair Loss Medicines are meant for men only. Standard of these generic drugs has been verified on the basis of their formulation, content, storage life, medicinal value and long lastingness of effect. Standard packaging and immediate action are some main features of these drugs.


1) Provided drugs are beneficial for treating male pattern baldness and androgenetic alopecia.
2) Composition of these medicines inhibits production of DHT in hair follicles and promotes normal hair growth.
3) Offered in tablet and capsule forms
4) Provided medicines can be availed in standard packaging
Product Image (Dutanol)

Dutanol 0.5 Tablets

Price: 10.00 - 100.00 USD ($)/Box
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
  • Supply Ability:1000000000 Per Day
  • Storage Instructions:AS MENTIONED ON THE PACK
  • Dosage Guidelines:AS PRESCRIBED
  • Function:Other
  • Suitable For:Adults, Teenagers
  • Ingredients:DUTASTERIDE
  • Physical Form:Tablets
  • Drug Type:Generic Drugs
Product Image (Veltride)

Veltride Dutasteride Tablets

Price: 10.00 - 100.00 USD ($)/Box
  • Supply Ability:100000 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:3 Days
  • Ingredients:Dutasteride
  • Recommended For:As precribed
  • Dosage:As precribed
  • Physical Form:Capsules
  • Drug Type:Generic Drugs
  • Storage Instructions:As mentioned on the pack
  • Dosage Guidelines:As precribed
  • Quantity:As precribed Container
Product Image (Dutas)

Dutas Capsule

Price: 100.00 - 150.00 USD ($)/Box
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
  • Supply Ability:1000000 Per Day
  • Physical Form:Capsules
  • Dosage:As Prescribed.
  • Drug Type:Generic Drugs
  • Function:Other
  • Quantity:As Prescribed Unit
  • Storage Instructions:As mentioned on the package
  • Dosage Guidelines:As Prescribed
  • Ingredients:Dutasteride
Product Image (fi)

Finpecia Finasteride Tablets

Price: 5.00 - 50.00 USD ($)/Box
  • Recommended For:Male Pattern Baldness Under Doctors Guidance
  • Gender:Male
  • Ingredients:FInasteride
  • Function:Boast Hair Growth
  • Product Type:Other
  • Form:Other
  • Storage Instructions:Dry place
  • Drug Type:General Medicines
  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (Istroin-20)

Isotroin Capsules 10mg / 20mg

Price: 10 USD ($)/Pack
  • Quantity:As per perscription Boxes
  • Function:Other
  • Suitable For:Suitable For All, Women, Aged Person, Adults, Teenagers
  • Storage Instructions:Dry and cool place
  • Physical Form:Capsules
  • Dosage:As per doctor advice
  • Drug Type:General Medicines
  • Recommended For:Anti Acne
  • Supply Ability:1000000 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week

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